Over the last 2 years Ive been working on so many projects that I have been scrambling to remember them all. Firstly, 'Incontrol' is finished and will be coming out very soon! I am super proud of the work we accomplished on that and cant wait to show everyone.

The last 6 months have also been dedicated to directing Some Shit Film Festival. The turn out was fantastic and we easily had the best year thus far. We pulled it off without a hitch and will be planning next years festival later on.

On My Couch sadly has taken a backseat but will be returning soon! The show must go on and I miss doing the interviews and getting artists to talk about themselves some even for the first time.

Its been stressful yet fun but its time to get back on track to make more tracks. I have 3 other projects in the cooker right now that I will be releasing more details about once they have gone through some extended mixing. In the meantime, I did write some music for other artists and myself over the course of the year. Producing Keith Foti and Jesse Aaron and writing songs for Animotion and Rod Stewart.

What to expect: Ive had the greatest privilege to work with some of my closest musician and artist friends to make an EP of something that Im not sure what to call it musically. Ill be posting a preview here so you can see whats been in the making for what has almost been 2 years.


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